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Mission Statement
Passionate people providing effective Human Resource solutions.


PEOPLE - Treat those we come in contact with the same way we would expect to be treated!

No matter what industry, product or service you sell, every organization is made up of PEOPLE! People are every business most important resource.

At Trilogy we focus on getting to know the people we work with. This applies to companies and candidates the same. We look beyond marketing slogans, mission statements and well written resumes to identify what the client or applicant desires in the next right FIT!

PASSION - We exhibit, identify and empower the passion in people to realize a purpose.

When people discover what they are passionate about it produces reward and results that could not have been achieved before!
Taking the time to have a conversation with people to get beyond the stock interview questions is what we believe gives you the ability to truly meet people and identify this passion. This process of getting to know our clients and candidates we believe it gives us the essential information we need to make the right fit!

PURPOSE - Objectively identify and embrace diversity, changes, creativity and innovation that leads to higher performance.

Look at someone's true skills / talents and not just what they have accomplished to this point. How can those skills fit into the organization's purpose and mission in a way that traditionally may not have been thought of to this point?

Align your systems, actions and communication to deliver a consistent message. Be committed to taking necessary time to ensure that people are on board and moving in the same direction with unified purpose!

Des Moines, Iowa Employee & Employer Solutions